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Since Jackson Hole Marketplace & The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole is a locally owned, community-minded store, we created a loyalty program for our customers who we consider VIP’s! Since we appreciate the support of our local community, the VIP progam is free to join (Ages 21+) and it’s very easy to use. Right now, you can only use loyalty points for in-store purchases. We are working on making it possible to use them on our app and website soon!


How to Set Up an Account:

  1. Stop in the store and talk to one of our helpful employees. Signing up takes less that 3 minutes, while the perks last for years to come! 

  2. Sign Up Online-! Click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner of any page, and simply fill out the “Create Account” form on the right.


How To Utilize Your Points:

  1. In store, simply give your phone number or  last name to the clerk at check out. Clerks will be able to provide your current points balance. 
  2. If you’re shopping online, applicable purchases will automatically be applied.


What You'll Get:

  1. Accrue Points on Purchases to Spend LaterVIP’s accumulate points on non-sale items that can be applied to purchases at certain intervals. These points NEVER expire! And -- there isn't a limit to the number you can earn
  2. Discounts on Case Purchases of Wine and Liquor: VIP's also receive 15% off case purchases of non-sale wine or spirits, whereas non-VIPs receive 10% off (12 bottles of any
  3. Receive 10% off Non-Sale Purchases: You’ll automatically receive 10% off most non-sale purchases even if you’re not buying a case.  This discount begins after the you spend $250 in store or online. So, this would apply to, say, that favorite six-pack of beer. The only exclusion to this rule is the discount doesn’t apply to cigars or kegs. 
  4. Easy Tracking of Points: Check Your Points Online or on Your ReceiptKeep track of your points! You’ll know exactly when to use them on a special purchase you’ve been eyeing. Simply look at your receipt for the current total or log in to your account at TLSofJH.com.


Breakdown of Points Rewards:

Points can be redeemed for credit on purchases at the following intervals. The credit is applied like cash to the transaction, but no change is given back for orders that won’t use the full amount of the cash redeemed.

  • $1 Spent Non-Sale Items = 100 points Earned
  • 100,000 points = $30.00

Connect with us on social media!

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/TLSofJH

Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/theliquorstoreofjacksonhole